Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The political corruption of Philip Brave Davis - PLP Leader

The PLP politically corrupt leader, Brave Davis looks like a real clown these days. He was in full support of his disgracefully reckless and corrupt colleague, Jerome Fitzgerald – who solicited an investor for multi-million dollars in business for his family enterprise - while a member of the last PLP cabinet.

Mr. Davis apparently had no problems with the nomination of Mr. Fitzgerald for reelection in the Marathon constituency in the 2017 general election.

Yes, Mr. Brave Davis supported his absolutely corrupt and shitty colleague to the end; while seeing no need for his resignation as a result of his profoundly corrupt deeds. He could open his big mouth now and call for the resignation of FNM cabinet ministers for what he views as misdeeds on their behalf. Mr. Davis’ tongue must be bitten right up. How shameless could a political leader be?

Brave Davis should resign right away as he is clearly willing to let PLPs slide in the face of corruption while they rule us with arrogance and disrespect. There is a divine saying: He who goes to equity, must come with clean hands. Brave Davis should stop, and turn around with his dirty and filthy hands.