Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) political con game on the Bahamian electorate

By Dennis Dames

I have received a number of comments on my initial piece in relations to the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) election strategy - dated November 26, 2011, from a number of supporters of the party in question. The gist of their reactions was that if the DNA wins a few seats, they feel that they would have enough turncoats in the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), and Free National Movement (FNM) to form a Democratic National Alliance (DNA) government in The Bahamas.

Well what is this!?

How could a minor political party expect elected members of two major organizations to join them in mass to form an administration in The Bahamas? The DNA is obviously living a political fantasy in a castle in the sky; and so called intelligent Bahamians have bought in to the Democratic National Alliance con game on the nation.

They don’t expect to win outright, they don’t expect to pull any deals with the major parties to form a government - if the opportunity presents, and they are blindly confident of PLP and FNM elected traitors coming over to their side to form the next Bahamas government – if push comes to shove.

It is safe to assume that the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is banking on political chaos after the results are confirmed following the 2012 general election. In this way, the spotlight and pressure could be on the respective leaders of the PLP and FNM; Messrs Christie and Ingraham. The Progressive liberal Party, and Free National Movement supporters could turned against their skippers in an atmosphere of political confusion and turmoil; and the Democratic National Alliance would relish irrationally in the uncertainty.

There must be a winner when the smoke clears though, even if it means a re-run of the election.
Here is where we the Bahamian people need to seriously consider who we are going to vote for, and our reasons for doing so. Are we going to vote for a DNA political stalemate and service Branville McCartney and Co’s ego or what?

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is not ready to govern on day one, because they expect to fall well short of the new 20 (twenty) member majority needed for a decisive victory. They would tell anyone who would listen, that they do not expect to win the 2012 election. They are relying on FNM and PLP double agents to pull them through.

It’s a long shot, and a very unrepresentative diversion being played on the Bahamian electorate by the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) – in my humble opinion.

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