Thursday, May 31, 2012

WE NEED A NEW COMMISSIONER OF POLICE NOW! ... The commissioner of police is a nice man... but he has to go... We need Steven Seymour to take over the police force.... He knows about operations

By Kevin Alcena:

Too much crime that could be prevented. Eight people got shot in a bar one day. Two robberies happened simultaneously today. The police will tap law abiding citizens' phones indiscriminately, yet you tell me they know all of these gangs and drug lords. Look at Cheryl Grant's case. They even wrote a bogus report to serve a political expedience. If they could do it to her what about us. She was a deputy prosecutor. They denied her a place in history. You can't use your cell phones in a free democracy. You need to go on Skype to have private conversations. This should not be happening in the Bahamas in a free democracy. You have to assume that your phone is tapped when you use it.

If the police were doing their jobs they would have known the criminals' whereabouts and could have prevented the shoot out in the bar. We even have the technology to track you by your phone and yet they cannot prevent crime from a counter-intelligence point of view and track the criminals. But they would name and shame innocent citizens and write bogus intelligence reports to serve their purpose. This is sad! The police have solved crimes in the past by locating people by way of cell phones. This country is at war with crime. If we don't resolve it, this will kill our tourist industry. The thugs are illiterate, they are not sophisticated. Let the police make their lives living hell and crime unpopular. We have one of the most intelligent police force. Something is wrong. In an island 21 by 7 miles one can find anyone in Nassau. This is a village, we know where everyone lives and everyone's business. We should be able to stop crime collectively as citizens. It's only a handful committing the crimes, but we need the citizens to assist the police now.

All banks should have CCTV. The government does not need to foot the bill for this. Businesses should be happy to do this. This is a tremendous deterrent to crime throughout the world. This commissioner of police should know how to bring technology to the force because he is technologically savvy.

The commissioner of police is a nice man but he has to go. We need Steven Seymour to take over the police force. He knows about operations. Crime is a direct result of police leadership. Five o'clock and all commanding officers go home. The one who was getting good results they decided to send him to Elizabeth Estates - Supt. Robert Young. The last shuffle was a disaster. They should bring Supt. Lundy from Freeport to run CDU. It was a good move to bring Supt. Pickstock back from Freeport to run Rapid Strike. I am sure the new government had something to do with that. Police are only responding to crime. The most ridiculous comment by the Commissioner in the past was that the murders were drug related.

This island is only 21 miles by 7 miles; we should not even have crime in this country. The priorities should switch. Crimes can be prevented. We know all criminals so why are they not being monitored. We should know where they sleep, eat. Nassau is the tourist mega of the Bahamas.

The previous and current governments have equipped the police force with the most sophisticated equipment to fight crime but they are not applying it. They are only applying police politics.

Therefore, if the government decides to keep the Commissioner of Police, the Minister of National Security must reorganize the entire force operation. The most encouraging thing I was impressed by is the National Intelligence Agency by way of legislation. I have been advocating this for the last 15 years. Thank God it is coming!

I am optimistic that we will win the war against crime, but we the citizens must participate in this effort.

From Kevin Alcena - Facebook