Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gambling is a vice not a virtue... ...Vote NO!! ... in the January 28, 2013 Gaming Referendum

By Margery Moncrieffe

I want to share some revelation given to me by God my Father on the gambling issue. I am coming from a spiritual perspective. Anyone who is engaged in spiritual warfare or has studied it knows that demonic entities and spirits travel in groups. A personal sin is different from a national sin. When gambling is legalized nationally one can expect to see the kindred spirits to accompany it , manifesting themselves in larger numbers. These demons are murder, suicide, witchcraft, violence, lasciviousness and sexual immorality to name a few.

... I want to comment on witchcraft. Do we forget that regular gamblers use dream books, numerology, psychic dreams to give them numbers? I have a personal friend who told me she paid a Haitian to go to Haiti and ask a witchcraft worker for a number. Believe it or not? He gave her a number, she played it and won. She was able to pay off her mortgage she said. Yes that all seems good, at first, but does God tell us to consult demons for numbers or does he ask us to trust him that he can provide?? Mark 4:19, 1Timothy:9-10.

I want to challenge any gambler, especially the high rollers, that if they were to sow as much money they invest in gambling with no return, into the Kingdom of God, they would see financial blessings. I am a living witness of many seeds sowed and I watched God multiply my seed. I sowed a $100 dollar seed into a church once and the Prophet told me I would see my daughter get that particular seed returned for me a $15,000 profit, this was five years of high school I did not have to pay for, if we want to play the numbers game. The problem is most people cannot wait for the slow and steady increase from God where he builds your character to handle it. We want the get rich quick scheme, which leads to destruction. Hence the bible calls it "the deceitfulness of riches." Why? It does not last.

Has anyone done any research on the life of gamblers? How many of them have been able to keep their riches?? How do their lives end up? I know a few and all of them that I know end up broke, dead broke. Is this what we want for our nation at this time? Are we going to sell our birthright for a mess of pottage? Do we want to lose the prosperity and favour that has been upon the Bahamas for a mess of pottage? Choose wisely.

All I can say is that we will see an increase in crime, sexual immorality. poverty, and other ills if we as a nation choose this path. I am not a prophet of doom, I am just making everyone aware of the causes. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I reiterate, choose wisely.

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