Sunday, May 5, 2013

Facebook and the Rights of Bahamians in The Bahamas

By Dennis Dames:

Facebook is free for all, but it doesn’t mean that we are liberated to slander others with impunity - or to make vile threats against brothers and sisters without consequences. Facebook was not designed to override the justice system, or to be a place where public trials and inquiries are conducted by citizens - in the name of justice.

I have noticed recently, that some of our Bahamian brothers and sisters are using Facebook to exercise their so called rights, while they infringe on the rights of others. This cannot be right. I have witnessed so called trials and inquiries being conducted by compatriots who apparently feel that they are now magistrates and judges in the Bahamian court system.

I have noticed that some of us are now being picked-up, questioned and charged for our Facebook indiscretions. It appears to be getting worse, rather than better. We all have been warned by the Commissioner of Police about our irresponsible Facebook maneuvers; some of us believe that the COP’s warning is a joke, so we continue to be out-of-control in the distorted interests of freedom and justice – on Facebook.

Well, like the saying goes: for every action – there is a reaction. We all have equal rights, and we are all equally free. The law exists to protect every citizen. It is a shame therefore, that some of us feel that we have exclusive rights, so we continue to be the self-appointed judge of the land, the violator of personal privacy, or the shameless slanderer on Facebook.

Okay! Carry on, until the law knocks on your door - to take you to the lawful place, where you must answer accordingly - for your potentially criminal Facebook behavior.

May 05, 2013

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