Saturday, June 1, 2013

Peter Nygard is not a law abiding and respectable resident of The Bahamas

By Dennis Dames:

It’s clear that Mr. Peter Nygard is not a law abiding and respectable resident of The Bahamas.  His actions at Simms Point/Nygard Cay to date, has demonstrated his contempt for the Bahamian people and our nation generally.  How is it that the land which was initially purchased at Simms Point/Nygard Cay by Mr. Peter Nygard - has been doubled in size, and construction work has commenced on the reclaimed land or Bahamian people’s property or crown land - without the required permits?
Mr. Nygard’s unashamed boldness and disrespect for The Bahamas and its people are being fuelled by political corruption in high places in these islands – in my opinion.  Yes, black political leaders in The Bahamas are giving Peter Nygard and the like a blank check to have their way in our country.  I wonder why.
It has been reported that the work at Simms Point / Nygard Cay is adversely affecting Clifton Bay.  The last time I was on Jaws Beach – during the Whit Monday Holiday, I have noticed that the place looks like a nuclear bomb has hit it.  It doesn’t resemble the beach environment which has been known to me for the past 40 years.  To add insult to injury, it has been established that agents of Mr. Nygard are doing their own brand of restoration work in the Clifton Bay area; a property which is under the care and trust of the Clifton Heritage Authority.  What madness is this?
This Nygard situation has many right-thinking Bahamians wondering about the question: Who or what is in governing The Bahamas?  Is the answer money, bribes, brazen corruption or who - or what?
Mr. Peter Nygard would be well advised to restore his property to its original boundary and allow Mother Nature to reclaim her coastline; and deliver his agents from their self-imposed ownership of Jaws Beach - as it is the sacred land of all Bahamians, and we did not appoint his Lawyer - Keod Smith – as supreme head of the Clifton Heritage Authority.