Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Parliamentary Leadership in The Bahamas has gone to the Dogs

By Dennis Dames:

So, the Member of Parliament for Long Island – Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner, has literally slapped the hurt out of Mr. Andre Rollins, the Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte - outside of the House of Assembly today.
The dramatic incident has the town on fire with the question: who’s right and who’s wrong?  One thing is certain, and it’s the reality that parliamentary leadership in The Bahamas has gone to the dogs.
I cannot recall a like situation among parliamentarians in my lifetime in The Bahamas, although many have come near to blows in the past.
The violent situation between the two MPs today, is a poignant reflection of the intolerable political frustrations and deep rooted hatred which exist among Bahamians toward Bahamians - in a so called modern Bahamas.
We will be celebrating our 40th birthday as an autonomous nation on July 10, 2013 - as black political leadership in The Bahamas turns out to be very disappointing and brutal after four decades of black rule.  The situation between the Members of Parliament; Mrs. Butler-Turner and Mr. Andre Rollins - has proven it, and it’s nothing to celebrate.
We have a violent culture which runs from the top to the bottom of the Bahamian society. We now know that this is a fact which cannot be denied and ignored anymore by right-thinking Bahamians.