Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Black Bahamians, cultural stupidity, and 40 years of political independence and beyond

By Dennis Dames

I have had an awkward experience on a bus stop recently.  I met a black American couple who was visiting all the way from Seattle; the husband related to me their experience in a hotel restaurant.  He told me that the servers must have taken them for natives, because they were seated for a long while before they were approach for service.  They saw the waiter or waitress passing them often, serving the lighter colored guests and other people of whom they apparently perceived as tourists - at other tables. 
The man asked me: if I have ever had such an experience?  My answer was yes, and I added that this is a common practice in The Bahamas where black Bahamian waiters, waitresses, and others, prefer to serve white customers and other assumed visitors over black Bahamians; even if the black Bahamians were seated first.
I told him further, that I do not put up with it anymore; I simply walk out and go where I am more appreciated.  This is indeed sad for a so called black nation.  I have stated before, that we black Bahamians have a really serious problem with black Bahamians.

We really need to do some serious reflections as a people moving beyond 40 years of political independence and cultural stupidity.  We need to do better.

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