Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rodney Moncur and the Negros’ News Network / African-Bahamian News Network

By Dennis Dames:

Have you heard about the Negros’ News Network / African-Bahamian News Network?  It’s an online / Facebook publication with Mr. Rodney Moncur as the Editor / Publisher in Chief.  It provides current news on the happenings in the Bahamian society; and its main staging ground is presently Facebook.  Mr. Moncur is live 24/7 with the political juice, fresh off the vine; while The Tribune, The Punch, The Nassau Guardian, The Bahama Journal and the rest sleep straight through the night. 

He is loved by thousands of his subscribers, and many are encouraging him to compete with the Tribune, Guardian, Punch and all the rest who think that they are the apple of the Bahamian readership eyes.  Will the Negros’ African-Bahamian Network become a competitive newspaper in The Bahamas soon?  We shall see.
In the meantime, Mr. Rodney Moncur is reporting the news uncensored and undeterred, while gaining the love and respect of his vast clientele; and he is doing it free of charge.  Could I have a free Tribune, Guardian, Punch, Journal and whatever else of news exists out there please?