Friday, May 23, 2014

Privy Council in London granted Bimini Blue Coalition's injunction application ...stopping dredging activities in Bimini

Privy Council Grants Injunction To Stop Dredging

Tribune Staff Reporter

In a stunning new development, the Privy Council in London today granted Bimini Blue Coalition's injunction application stopping dredging activities from continuing in Bimini, reversing a decision by the Bahamas Court of Appeal on Monday.

The injunction is effective immediately. As consequence, Resorts World Bimini developers cannot dredge unless and until they can persuade the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court that the permit they have was properly granted with proper consideration by the Director of Physical Planning and that additional conditions are satisfied.

Dredging activities in Bimini began over a week ago.

May 23, 2014