Saturday, November 15, 2014

Who is Jetta Baptiste?

By Monte A. Pratt:

Traitor, Jetta Baptiste
The Ungrateful Traitor, Jetta Baptiste
[WHO IS THIS WOMAN THAT IS ATTACKING THE BAHAMAS?] – NB: This is Facebook Post I made a week ago in response to one of Ms. Jetta Baptiste Haitian supporters:

Well, let me deal with your first question. Yes, for your information, as a former business owner in Freeport, I do know a LOT of Jetta Baptiste's activities and her Haitian Bahamian Society in Grand Bahama.

Firstly, Jetta Baptiste grew up in Grand Bahama, where she got her education and learn her profession, as a News Reporter / Writer with The Tribune and The Freeport News. She and her family were well accepted in the Grand Bahama Community, where they eventually received Bahamian status and passports.

Yes, I know quite a bit about Ms. Jetta Baptiste, as President of the Haitian Bahamian Society, and of her charitable works through her Jetta's Multi-Service Centre, 37 Hearne Lane, Freeport. Ms Baptiste did an EXCELLENT job in helping HER PEOPLE in getting the Bahamian people.

You see, my businesses and many other businesses in Grand Bahama, then made donations to many charities and organization. This included Ms Baptiste's organization, The Haitian Bahamian Society that collected food, clothing and donations to send to Haiti during disasters.

Ms Baptiste was a driving force behind this, as she met with church and business leaders in Grand Bahama on sending relief to Haiti. As a result, Grand Bahamians, individuals, charities, businesses and churches, ALL give food, clothing and donations to relief the Haitian people displaced by hurricanes that hit Haiti.

This is the very same, Ms Baptiste that is now posting all these MEAN and NASTY statements about the very same Bahamians that helped her PERSONALLY and her Haitian people collectively. Ms Baptiste, how soon she can forget how the Bahamian people helped her and her Haitian People during the many disasters that hit HER country.

I note here, the TRUTH is, Ms Baptiste once applied to Government for Creole Language / Radio Station. This application was REFUSED, and it is alleged, PM HAI, responded to her this is The Bahamas, and not Haiti.

I now believe, this radio license refusal is the ROOT of the HATE Ms Baptiste now hold in for The Bahamas. She now only proves to be an OPPORURTUNIST, by the agenda she is now promoting all this FOOLISHNESS in the media. She and Mrs. Daphne Campbell are two of a kind, opportunist.

For this reason, I am VERY ANGRY with Ms Baptiste and her efforts to damage The Bahamas, as it is because of The Bahamas, Ms Baptiste is who she is today. She is now in America working, because of the knowledge she gained from Bahamians, who trained her in profession works.

YOU HAITIAN PEOPLE ARE TOO UNGRATEFUL... It is no wonder, you get one disaster after the other. Our God does not sleep. The TRUTH is, you people need to turn from your WICKED WAYS!!

 Monte A. Pratt - Facebook CrossFire