Monday, January 11, 2010

New Party To Contest Elizabeth Seat


Political heavyweights in the Free National Movement (FNM), The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and even the Bahamas Democratic Movement (BDM) might all be given a run for their money heading into the Elizabeth constituency by-election, as a candidate from the newly formed United Christian Love Revolution Movement (UCLRM) plans to also contest the seat.

While announcing the launch of the new party on Saturday, leader of the UCLRM attorney Godfrey "Pro" Pinder said the organization will definitely throw a candidate in the ring for the embattled parliamentary seat but he said for now, they are keeping tightlipped about who that person is.

"My movement will be involved in this (by-election)," he said. "And we do have a candidate and the candidate will be announced very soon."

At that press conference over the weekend, Mr. Pinder told members of the media that his movement, as he calls it, is now in campaign mode and is putting all the necessary steps in place to run a successful crusade in the Elizabeth constituency.

He then moved to caution Bahamians who may have already counted them out already and told them not to, as he said members of his movement have already hit the ground running and have already launched their campaign.

"Yes, the candidate has been working in the area and he plans to get his name out there by actually going out and saying hello to the people and telling them, ‘I love you’," Mr. Pinder said. "My campaign is based on teaching people how to relate with each other, how to go back to the village concept when people were so loving with one another that they didn’t have any crime."

Mr. Pinder said too many of the other political entities have shied away from going back to the root of our being and tackling the simple issues of love, respect and consideration for others in trying to build a better Bahamas. He said that is why the UCLRM is coming to change the political game, starting with trying to win the Elizabeth constituency seat.

In a 55-page document outlining the UCLRM’s platform, Mr. Pinder explained that what his movement is really all about is forming "a more perfect political entity in bringing about United Christian Political Movement, based upon agape love form Jesus Christ."

The document added that "the movement" will seek to appeal to Bahamians by firstly appealing to their hearts and minds by delivering messages of hope, restoration and love.

"If we are concerned with loving our neighbors as ourselves, right across the board it reduces crime, politics as we know it will change, colonialism will change and nepotism will change," he said.

Mr. Pinder did not name other members of the UCLRM, claiming that he did not want to count numbers, however, he said the country could be rest assured that there are other notable members of the group who will be announced soon.

He said the UCLRM Elizabeth constituency candidate will be announced sometime this week.

January 11, 2010