Friday, April 13, 2012

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) goons and idiots defacing and destroying the Free National Movement's (FNM's) signs and posters

By Dennis Dames

The defacement and destruction of FNM posters and signs could be noticed throughout the island of New Providence. On my way out of my community of Mt. Pleasant Village today, I have noticed that the sign and posters of the FNM leader, and candidate have been knocked totally out of the ground and smashed.

This is a reflection of the high levels of stupidity and wrong acts that plague our nation today. One must ask the question: Do we really want to elect a party of goons and idiots to lead us for the next five years?

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) refuses to shed its image as a criminal and thug organization which would resort to all manner of illegal tactics to win an election. The more we observe the ruin of the Free National Movement’s posters and signs on the streets of New Providence, the less we should consider the PLP as a viable alternative to govern our great nation.

Yes, anti-social behavior seems to be the PLP’s most desired method to win the government of The Bahamas in this election cycle; and God help us if they succeed. It is this writer’s view that the Bahamian electorate should send a strong message to the PLP on Election Day and vote against their foolishness and outright illicit ploys.

The PLP leader seems as usual to be not in control of his organization and members. Is the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) really serious about being a competitor in this 2012 election? If so, then - they must believe that all Bahamians are azzes.

Mr. Perry Christie, Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party – must publicly and seriously condemn his unhelpful supporters in the interest of good sense and leadership; or else watch his organization descend to the debts of political unattractiveness and public scorn.

A word to the wise is sufficient.