Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Covid-19 Madness in The Bahamas

By Dennis Dames:

So, we are on lockdown until September 30, 2020. Let’s pray that everything works out by then. We are really a lockdown-weary people right now. Life cannot continue on this road beyond September – in my opinion.

One of the dirty secrets about COVID-19 in our country, is an ill-prepared and Ill-equipped healthcare infrastructure. We did not reach here in 2017. We know that our healthcare system is in critical condition, and we knew it for decades now.

It looks like many of us will die, or become wounded from COVID-19 for life. Thanks to a half century of inept, incompetent and plain old visionless black governance.

So, if things do not improve on the Corona Virus front by September 30, 2020 – we will have lots more weeping and wailing to do for our love ones and country, as life must go on – for all that it’s worth.

The first order of business should be to: Break the culture of the pervasive government dependency in The Bahamas, and move full steam ahead with the implementation of local government on New Providence Island. There is an unacceptable and unsustainable level of dependency on the national government – by the people; even in the good times.

Next, let move to build a healthcare system that’s wholly wholesome for our people and nation; but progressive vision will be required.

That’s where 2022 come in folks. Let’s get to know every Tom, Dick, and Harry; and Mary, Sue and Jane – and all the others who will come our way to seek the majority support. Let’s ask them about their plans to fix our healthcare system. Let’s ask them about their vision for local government on New Providence Island. Let’s ask them about their plans to correct the unproductive culture of government dependency.

Yes, let’s ask them about their national vision for the country. It cannot be just tax, borrow and spend – as usual. It cannot be a broken centralized bureaucracy for five more years. It simply cannot be the same old-same old political jive and madness, like locking-down the country in hopes that the Corona Virus disappears by the end of the lockdown period.

God knows it.