Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Free National Movement (FNM), Charles Maynard and the North Abaco Bye-election

By Dennis Dames

The official opposition Free National Movement (FNM) has raised the stakes tremendously for the upcoming by-election in north Abaco by sacrificing their Chairman – Charles Maynard.

Like a confident gambler in a poker game, the party has gone all-in in the Abacos.  Will the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) call the bet by sacrificing their very own big man in the Chairman’s seat; or will they fold?

The approaching by-election in north Abaco has just gotten exciting, and the FNM has let it be known that they intend to go all-out to retain the seat left vacant by the Rt. Honorable Doctor – Hubert Alexander Ingraham.

The FNM clearly believes that the PLP has not got the guts to answer their wager, or they could simply be calling them bluff.

In any event, Charles Maynard is on the table – and in order for the PLP to win the game in Abaco, their Chairman will have to be the bundle used to match the FNM’s stake.

It remains to be seen if the PLP’s wizards will be allowed to call the FNM’s pot at the north Abaco poker table.

The PLP has got enough chips to control the game for at least four more solid years; so – they could go south and leave the FNM and their dead chairman alone in the room.  Only time will tell if the PLP will hold-up, fold-up, walk away or run in north Abaco.

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