Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Is the British Government responsible for the High level of Cancer in The Bahamas?

Cassius Stuart

Official Press Release From The Office of Mr. Cassius Stuart, October 9, 2013.

For many years, Bahamian men and woman have been faced with an unprecedented level of cancer, in particular breast cancer and prostrate cancer. In fact, the Bahamas has a population that has shown the highest mutation rate in the world within the genes that can cause breast and ovarian cancer.”1 In the case of breast cancer, most of the research points to a mutated gene called BRCA1 and BRCA2. The leading medical minds in the field of oncology in the Bahamas and abroad claim that the manifestation of this gene in the local population is as a result of hereditary factors and the gene pool in the Bahamas being close. In other words, relatives intermarrying.

“The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes were first discovered in 1990 and have since been linked to a genetic predisposition to breast and ovarian cancer in women. Several other studies have linked BRCA genetic mutations to other types of cancer including pancreatic and prostate.”

 In local studies, greater than 90 per cent of the associated BRCA hereditary breast cancer was linked to one specific mutation: IVS13+1G>A, an African founder mutation.2 While I would be the first to admit that I am not a scientist nor do I have any advance medical training, what I do possess is common sense. If intermarrying or being of African descent is the stimulus that activates this mutated gene that leads to cancer, then why is it that only the Bahamas is experiencing this epidemic? Many other counties in the western hemisphere have a large population on African decedents, including Brazil which has the largest population of African decedents outside of Africa.

Further, if the gene pool being close is another cause then why isn’t the Royal family plagued with some form of cancer? They have intermarried for hundreds of years. The argument of an African mutated gene and the local gene pool being to close in the Bahamas is highly arguable and in my humble opinion, doesn’t hold much water. Common sense will tell you that something outside of nature has greatly contributed and is continuing to contribute to this wide spread dilemma.

Based on my research and undeniable evidence, the Bahamian cancer epidemic is in great part attributed to the action of the British government having carried out biological and chemical tests in the Bahamas on Bahamians many years ago. This program was activated and authorized under the leadership of Mr. Winston Churchill, the then British Prime Minister. Under the program, the British Government tested a series of Biological and Chemical weapons on Bahamians in The Bahamas in the 1950’s in a secret operation called Operation Ozone and Operation Negation. Between 1953 and 1964 top secret trials were carried out using a chemical concoction of zinc cadmium* sulphide to simulate how a cloud would disperse biological agents. The unsuspecting population was sprayed covertly with the poisonous compound at least 76 times.3 These tests took place on British as well as Bahamian soil.

*”Cadmium is a poisonous heavy metal. If uncontrolled, it can produce toxic effects on humans. Ingestion of significant amounts of cadmium can lead to poisoning and damage to the liver, kidneys, and respiratory organs. High doses of cadmium over long periods of time cause bone and kidney problems and cancer”.

These operations are more than likely contributing to the root cause of this wide spread cancer we see in the Bahamian population since there is an undisputed link to cadmium and breast cancer. In an article posted on the internet by Anti Oligarch entitled, “How naval intelligence tested lethal ‘plague bombs’ off the British coast”, dated January 4, 2011 the article revealed that “The then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, felt that Scottish coastal waters were not the best location for biological tests and ordered a new site to be found. Scientists and intelligence officers then settled on a tiny area of the Bahamas which they described as “the best place we could find on the surface of the globe”. This Caribbean experiment was codenamed Operation Ozone and it began in 1954.”

The article goes on to explain that, “During the initial meetings, one of the board members, Lord Stamp, raised concerns about testing plague and “questioned whether the services required an agent which would give rise to an epidemic”. But leading scientist Sir Paul Fildes said that “the employment of P pestis [plague] as an agent would be contrary to our present policy” but it should be tested as “a potential enemy might use it against us”. In other words, secret, live tests were done as if the enemy was using it on the British.3

In another shocking article written by The UK Guardian, Monday 10 September 2001 04.58 EDT entitled.” Britain ordered germ bombs in cold war Anthrax and plague bacteria tested for 'biological retaliation'”, the Article explains that, “In 1994, the Conservative government said in a parliamentary answer that five open-air trials of dangerous bacteria and viruses had been carried out at sea, in the late 1940s and 1950s - three in the Caribbean and two off Stornoway on Lewis.

Dr. Balmer has uncovered the wide range of pathogens used. Among the biological warfare agents trialled was anthrax. There was also brucella and francisella tularensis, which cause severe fever. Pasteurella pestis, the plague bacterium, was released in the first Hebrides trials, despite safety concerns.

A highly infectious and debilitating, if rarely fatal, virus causing Venezuelan equine encephalitis was deliberately released in trials off the Bahamas, 60 miles south of Nassau, in 1954. Planning Operation Ozone, defence officials carefully suggested there would be "no adverse effect on the tourist trade" 4

This dreadful act by the British Government in the 1950’s on an unsuspecting people was a cowardly act of barbarism and savagery. Today there is overwhelming evidence that chemical weapons were used on Bahamians and there may be a direct link between the high levels cancer in our population and the British Biological weapons experiment on Bahamians. Such acts should not go unanswered.  The British Government needs to come clean about their secret tests. In addition the Bahamian people need an official apology and explanation from the British. The Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must demand that the British Government release all information related to its chemical weapons experiment program in the Bahamas.

Further, the Bahamas government must seek assistance from the Unite Nations for independent scientist to collaborate the link between the British chemical weapons program and the high rate of cancer in The Bahamas.

In the event that there is a direct link between the British chemical weapons program and the high rate of cancer in the Bahamas, The British Government must be held liable and full reparation must be given to all the victims and families in the Bahamas who have had and are suffering with the devastating disease.