Thursday, January 2, 2014

From Ignorance and Want to Wisdom and Means

By Dennis Dames:

The Ghost of Christmas Present opened his robe to reveal two haggard, ashen, corpse-like children to Ebenezer Scrooge; and he said, “Look upon these”.  Ebenezer Scrooge, stupefied with horror - asked, “What are these?”    The Ghost of Christmas Present replied, “They are your children! They are the children of all who walk the earth unseen! Their names are Ignorance and Want! Beware of them! For upon their brow is written the word "doom!" They spell the downfall of you and all who deny their existence!”

I was moved by the aforementioned exchange after watching A Christmas Carol recently.  “Ignorance and Want” are our children, of whose existence we are denying; that’s why we are in the doomful position today in our nation – in my view.  As we continue to walk the earth unseen, our downfall draws nearer.

The Bahamas has been a factory for “Ignorance and Want” for a few decades now, and the harvest is beginning to manifest itself.  Our collapse is imminent if we do not turn things around quickly.

Let us all therefore, be seen in 2014 and beyond; doing meaningful and productive things for our children and country.  It’s the only way that we could transform “Ignorance and Want” into “Wisdom and Means”.  Our children will honor and cherish us for it.

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