Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Sam Kemp Golden Isles



Samuel Alexander Kemp Sr.

Samuel Alexander Kemp Sr. came from humble beginnings. He received his early education at the Adelaide All Age School and A.F. Adderley Senior High School.

In 1978 Mr. Kemp started his career at the South Ocean Beach Hotel & Golf Club as a Ranger, cart attendant and golf starter.

In 1986, he needed a career change and joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force where he spent approximately eight years serving our Country.

In 1995 Mr. Kemp left The Bahamas.  As an avid golfer he received his Professional Tour Card in 1998 to play golf in the South American Tour, and took up residency in the United States of America to play professional golf. 

He later received his Tour Card for Canada in 2008 and played on the Canadian Tour. In 2010, he received his Tour Card for the European Challenge Tour and he remained in Europe for four years playing golf at the professional level.

While commuting between The Bahamas and Europe, Mr. Kemp pursued a business enterprise in 2008 by opening The Big Stick Restaurant and Bar in Adelaide Village.  He is interested in joining the political arena because of the current state of affairs in the country.

He believes that Bahamians are not only being taken advantage of, but are also disadvantaged due to existing Government policies, and our present political system.  As a concerned citizen of The Bahamas, Mr. Kemp brings a wealth of knowledge to the political process and is committed to bringing about change to our country.

He is keenly interested in advancing the welfare and wellbeing of Bahamians throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; particularly those in the Golden Isles Constituency.

His hobbies include fishing, golfing and building.

He is the proud father of six children.

Mr. Sam Kemp Golden Isles Phone Contact:  1-242-556-4842