Friday, July 1, 2022

Paul Rolle Falls on His Sword in the Execution of His Moral Duties and Responsibilities as Commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police Force - RBPF

An open to Mr. Paul Rolle, former Commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police – RBPF

Paul Rolle Fell on His Sword

Dear Mr. Paul Rolle:

Former Bahamas Police Commissioner, Paul Rolle
You made me feel totally liberated today – when I read your cowardly words about how you were thinking about leaving the Force once again, but this time – you said that it was all about being forced to do something against your will in the execution of your duties – by senior politicians at the time.
I feel so liberated because I have been fired from a number of jobs in my life, simply because I respectfully spoke my mind and held my position; even if it means starving to death -bro.

I’ll live with principles.

You chose to be a coward, just to keep your job! That’s not a quality of a real man, in my opinion.

Carry on smartly.

Dennis Dames