Saturday, April 22, 2023

The PLP and FNM are Two Peas in a Pod

The Progressive Liberal Party, PLP and the Free National Movement, FNM are Proving to be Two Peas in a Pot

The silent majority in The Bahamas is never impressed by the old same PLP and FNM!

By Dennis Dames

I always find it sadly amusing that the overtly and shamelessly blind, and arrogant supporters of the PLP and FNM on social media would always defend the serious wrongdoings of their respective party and high ranking members by pointing out an egregious error of  the present or past by the other party or a dear member thereof.

Their arguments are always unwittingly based on: We are essentially two peas in a pod.  The silent majority is never impressed by this petty, dirty and corrupt brand of politics that we engage in – in The Bahamas.

It is the primary reason why we have not had a two term government in our beloved nation for more than a generation – in my opinion.  The unimpressive political gangsterism and corruption stinks, and the voters obviously don’t like it!

So keep on defending blatant nonscense and the lack of accountability in government – senseless PLPs and FNMs.  Your respective parties will soon be out of favor in the hearts and souls of the Bahamian people for good!