Tuesday, May 23, 2023

An Open Letter to Mr. Leon Lundy, MP for Mangrove Cay, Central and South Andros

Are you proud of your constituency here on Mangrove Cay -  Mr. Leon Lundy?

A few questions for Hon. Leon Lundy, Member of Parliament - from a concerned constituent of Mangrove Cay, Andros Island, The Bahamas

Hon. Leon Lundy, MP for Mangrove Cay, Central and South Andros

Good day Mr. Lundy,  

Are you proud of your constituency here on Mangrove Cay?  If so, why?

I am asking a few questions which you may be in a position to answer.  We do not need to meet, or talk.  I have, in plain English, taken the time to address my concerns.  If you feel you are able and willing to respond, as a leader, feel free to do so.

In my estimation, not to do so would be irresponsible, and a failure at leadership.

Hurricane Plans

The residents of Mangrove Cay need an adequate hurricane shelter.  As we saw with Hurricane Dorian, the storms are getting more powerful, and as the science says, more frequent.  Wayne Neely has a few books on the hurricanes of 1926 and 1929.  In those books, one can read how Mangrove Cay suffered considerable damage from both storms.

More recently, Hurricane Dorian brought a 22 foot tidal surge to Abaco and Grand Bahama.  Would you mind going anywhere on Mangrove Cay and see how many homes and businesses would be underwater with say, even a 10 foot tidal surge?

What is our plan?  Do we have one?

As we are entering the 2023 hurricane season, how have our leaders prepared Mangrove Cay for the inevitable storm that will at some point arrive?  Does anyone believe the high school will be standing after a major storm?  How about our electrical power poles?  How many will be left standing?  How about our fresh water supply?  We can't even keep the water here on Mangrove Cay in the best of times.

What about after a storm?  Do we have any serious and workable plans in the event of a storm?  Or, do we just cast our lot with God's grace.

Port of Entry

Why are we not a Port of Entry as of today, May 22, 2023?  After all the promises, over decades now, and dangling this essential issue over our heads as if we are pawns in your political games, why can you not deliver on this important issue?

Mr. Lundy, why are we not a Port of Entry?  Can you provide a short written response to this legitimate question?  And what are you, our representative, going to do about it before the next election? 

Is politics so poisonous to our community that our development and well being is just a game to you guys?

Health Clinic

Why, after how many years now, do we still not have a decent health clinic on this island?   Do we not deserve better?   Yes or no?  Do not talk about what is going to be done.  We have heard this for way too long now.  Nobody believes a word of it.  Why should we?

Water & Sewerage

Why are we still spending so much taxpayers money on stop gap and temporary band-aids to keep our essential fresh water flowing on Mangrove Cay?  Why is there no planning for our development and growth as an island?  Why do we accept Water & Sewerage operating on such a thin margin of safety?  Is this not a failure?  Yes or no?  Was it merely ironic that the former head of W&S lost his house to fire, while there was no running water to help extinguish the flames?  What businessperson would look at the expenditures of Water & Sewerage and say everything looks good?  What smart businessperson pays overtime to their employees year after year?  Not one.  Why are these expenses not open to public review?  Are the central government supervisors of W&S aware of how many times our water is shut down on this island each week?  Are there daily and weekly reports?  Is there an educated businessperson overseeing these operations, or are they left to our local employees with no educational business background?  Are these not legitimate concerns?

Internet and phone service

The government of The Bahamas has stated plainly and publicly that they are moving into the digital age.  This requires reliable and affordable internet service for all government services, banking, and business.  I have 15 years of documented complaints to BTC, URCA, and our government officials regarding the fraud perpetrated on Mangrove Cay by BTC.  We pay very high rates for our inferior service.  How are we on Mangrove Cay supposed to enter this new era when our internet service remains completely neglected by the powers to be?  For years now, we have complained with no response or relief.

BTC has abandoned us.  And, the Bahamian government has been completely ignoring us.  Please tell me how this fits into the bigger picture of moving forward, upward and onward together?

This situation is nothing less than the abandonment of our people here on Mangrove Cay.  What do you say, Mr. Lundy?

Basic human decency

We have no ambulance.  We have no morgue.  We have no fire suppression plans.  We have no decent clinic.  We have no regular doctor.


Does anyone look at the way “contracts” are given out on this island?  Isn't this a joke to anyone who understands business?  A joke.  But, we all play it and pretend we are functioning mature adults.

PLP or FNM, both screw over this community, and the ones who get the contracts pretend that this makes sense and they are not a huge part of the problem.

Emergent Science

The recent scientific findings are quite alarming with regards to our future here on Mangrove Cay.  Since we are one of the lowest lying nations on the planet, I am wondering why we are not talking about the accelerating sea level rise and concern for our children's future.  In a few short decades, most of the homes and businesses here on this island will be underwater.  Is this disputed by anyone with any sense?

What are our answers, and solutions to these realities?  Or, are we too busy grabbing what we can for ourselves with no concern for the next generation?

Why is the road leading up behind the high school to the well field in such poor condition, such that W&S employees won't take their own vehicles up there?  Do not a number of people own property up there?  Is this not the future of Mangrove Cay?  Why is this road left untended, and getting worse by the day?  Is this good leadership?

Land Issues

For merely survival purposes, the people of Mangrove Cay need to be prepared to move up to higher ground.  No longer can people who refuse to accept this be in any position of influence or power.  It is essential to radically change the way land is apportioned to Mangrovians.  Too many people here claim to own property that they have neither the means or vision to do anything with.

Crown land applications and approvals are simply political, and a failure.  This needs to be rectified within a few short years.

Mangrovians who are at, or near sea level, will soon be forced to move to higher ground.  With thousands of acres of untouched land on Mangrove Cay, the fair allotment of land must begin now.  Why isn't this being discussed?  Do we not read?  Do we not care?

Norman T,

Mangrove Cay