Friday, November 27, 2020

I no longer have faith in the leadership of the Democratic National Alliance - DNA

DNA Vice chairman for the Youth arm, RESIGNS & SHE drops a bomb saying Komolafe is NOT the one!!!!!

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has lost its core.

Letter of Resignation

August 29, 2020

Kellie Rolle - Vice Chairman of Youth Affairs

To: Democratic National Alliance

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as your Vice Chairman of Youth Affairs effective immediately.

This decision was made because I no longer have faith in the leadership of the Democratic National Alliance. To continue with the DNA, would go against my morals as a human being and as a citizen of this beautiful country I call home, The Bahamas.

To stay with the DNA, would be like sacrificing pieces of my soul, the core of my being and who I am as a person. The Bahamas is supposed to be a democratic country, and I have personally seen situations where democracy was thrown out the window.

The Democratic National Alliance portrays characteristics that are more in line of a dictatorship. I have seen where a person can be crucified for standing up for their morals and for what they believe to be right because it is not in line with the beliefs of particular individuals within the leadership of the party.

The Democratic National Alliance is spiteful, and I will not stand behind a party where persons cannot decipher between personal and professional or cannot stand up for what is right when they know something is wrong. A party that will stand with the wrong, knowing it is wrong, but will stick with it because what is right is the unpopular belief.
The Democratic National Alliance claims to be a party that is inclusive of the youths, but they truly are not.

They include us without really including us. We are just there for show, so that they can sell the fairytale that they are for the youths of this country to the public eye.

I will never be a person that will sacrifice my morals for the betterment of ANY PARTY and will always stand with my PEOPLE. I am loyal to the PEOPLE.

The Democratic National Alliance has lost its core.