Thursday, August 5, 2021

COVID-19 demagogues

 The PLP is all about being the shameless demagogues of the COVID-19 war in The Bahamas

By Dennis Dames

PLP demagogues
I have read and taken note of the PLP’s press release of July 28, 2021 – addressing their official opposition position on COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

The party leader, the Hon. Philip Brave Davis outlined about nine points to forward us out of this emergency. I want to talk about item number five which reads: “Fifth, we need a dramatic expansion of testing and contact tracing. Positivity rates consistently over 20 percent are evidence we are not testing enough. When Family Islands with relatively small populations like Cat Island and Andros have cases, let’s test our way out of the outbreak, instead of locking everyone down. That has proven too damaging to our families and businesses.”

What’s the point of more testing if no plan is in place to effectively quarantine the resulting positive cases? We live in a country where the majority of us reside in modest dwellings with other people, and in a lot of situations we dwell with an extensive extended family. So, where do we go to isolate until we get the all-clear to enter society again? Most of us don’t have the means to effectually quarantine, so who is going to pick up the tab?

Additionally, scientists have told us that COVID-19 – like the flu, is here to stay. So, why does the PLP believe that we can test our way out of this global pandemic? The dramatic expansion of COVID-19 testing and contact tracing is like expanding a wild goose chase in an arena where the majority of people are unvaccinated.

Yes, the vaccinated and unvaccinated are catching COVID-19. It’s unstoppable just now. The only difference is, that the unvaccinated are feeling the brunt of hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. So, to propose more testing and contact tracing, does not address the big issue at hand, which is increasing hospitalizations and deaths, especially among the unvaccinated.

The PLP has accepted that most COVID transmissions happen indoors. They stated the following in their release: “Beyond vaccines, there are ways to reduce the risk of contracting COVID, and we need to share, in detail, these risk mitigation strategies with Bahamians. For example, this is largely an airborne virus, and most transmission happens indoors. We’d like to see a public-private initiative to provide guidance and support for improving ventilation and air quality in workplaces, churches, homes and schools.”

The only way to reduce the risk of catching COVID is to stay exclusively to one’s self, in my view. That’s almost impossible with the typical Bahamian, or human generally.

We have to live with COVID-19, but we don’t necessarily have to die from it. Vaccination is our most important partner and tool in the COVID-19 fight right now.

The PLP hasn’t accepted that fact and reality as yet because it doesn’t fit in to their election campaign plans, in my humble viewpoint.

For the PLP, it’s all about being the shameless demagogues of the COVID-19 war in The Bahamas.

July 28, 2021