Friday, December 10, 2021

The Coalition of Independents - COI on the Resignation of Democratic National Alliance - DNA Party Leader, Arinthia Komolafe

10th December, 2021

Press Statement of the Leader of the Coalition of Independents on the resignation of the leader of the DNA.

COI Bahamas
The Coalition of Independents has been made aware of the immediate resignation of DNA leader Arinthia Komolafe. We would like to extend best wishes to Mrs. Komolafe on her future endeavors. Mrs Komolafe can be proud of the fact that she took on a great mantle as the second female leader of a political party in the Bahamas. The COI believes that more women should step forward into the political arena to assist in guiding our people into the New Bahamas.


DNA Party Bahamas
Mrs. Komolafe has stated that she is not leaving front line politics while her resignation speech implies that she is departing from the DNA because she feels that third party politics is too challenging. This could mean that she may choose to align with one of the parties that she has been speaking out against for the previous two elections. While this would be disappointing, we know that as a talented Bahamian she would be an asset to any organization she is a part of.

Former DNA Party Leader, Arinthia Komolafe
The Coalition of Independents will continue to stand firm as the only political alternative with a vision to empower all Bahamians. We are unwavering in our view that the natural resources of this nation belongs to the Bahamian people and that every Bahamian should benefit from them. We are resolute in our belief that one day Bahamians will be put first in our nation. 

Lincoln Bain


Coalition of Independents